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In the Bedroom

Tiffany lamps are available in many colors, shapes and sizes and can be worked into the design of any room. The bedroom often ends up decorated in a very uniform style with matching dressers, mirrors, chest, headboards and night stands. The key to enlivening the room in through accents pieces that can provide contrast to the matching furniture like pictures and pillows. A Tiffany lamp is perfect accent to bring a touch of class to the bedroom.

Choosing the Right Colors and Pattern

Tiffany lamps are multi-colored so it is important to choose the right color to match your bedroom décor. It is important that the main color in your bedrooms décor is well represented in your lamps shade. Other colors in the shade can be used as accent colors which might match colors in pictures or throw pillows. Choosing your colors carefully can bring everything in your bedroom together in a cohesive manor.

One of the key elements in a bedroom design is the bedding on the bed as it takes up so much of the space in the bedroom. You might try and match the pattern on the bedding with the pattern on your Tiffany lamp – but be careful! It is often hard to find a direct match, a close but not perfect match will just not look right. Rather than an exact match try to pick a lamp that complements the bedding and other features in your bedroom. If your room is modern you may want to consider a lamp with a geometric shade, other more traditional designs will embrace a lamp with a more detailed design.

Locations for a Tiffany Lamp

The best place to put a Tiffany table lamp is on the nightstand next to the bed. This gives you the functional component of giving you a light source to use if you want to read in bed without turning on the overhead light source. If you have a nightstand and each end of the bed matching Tiffany lamps can make a real design statement.

Another location where Tiffany table lamps can be used in the bedroom is on top of the dresser or chest of drawers. Also you may want to consider a double lit Tiffany table lamp which has an added light in the base of the lamp that can serve as a nightlight.

Yet another area worth considering is an empty corner that can be enlivened with a floor lamp, such as a torchiere which directs light upward. This with lighten up that dark corner and provide detail to your bedroom.