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Pedestal Fixtures

Pedestal lamps are what the name implies lamps on a pedestal, some have small legs and some do not. All have a matching top so that the lamp itself is fit inside the pedestal at the top. They are an accent lamp which serves a decorative rather than utilitarian purpose. What makes these fixtures so different than other glass lamps is that they are vertical rather than horizontal. They take up a very small space horizontally but are quite high for its size this makes them a better choice to place nearer to the end of a surface rather than in the middle. It is their height that draws the eye to them.

The pedestal lamps that we offer are most often place on fireplace mantels where their vertical shape can be enjoyed. You can pair one of these stained glass fixtures with a stained glass fireplace screen of the same or complementary color.

There are other places that these pedestal lamps can be placed. Another good place to position one is on a shelf which also provides a high space to view these vertical lamps. When put on a table in the entryway or hallway they stand out in the relatively small space and provide a wonderful conversation starter as many people have never seen one. In the bedroom is another location for these lamps as they brighten up a dresser or nightstand.

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