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Stained Glass Window Panels

Louise Comfort Tiffany made stained glass windows before he started making Tiffany Lamps. The advent of the copper-foil method allowed the advent of stained glass lamps but the windows have been around since Renaissance times when the new Gothic Cathedrals could add windows, thanks to the innovation of the flying buttress that could support a wall with openings. Now that windows could be added to the Church where everyone gathered – do you think they put in clear glass windows? No of course not, they installed stained glass windows which gave a warm and inviting glow which transformed the interior of the Church.

Creating and installing these windows takes a special skill that is not readily available today, not to mention the expense. However, hanging a window panel in a window creates the same effect of natural light passing through the colored glass – and is much less expensive and easy to do.

We offer window panels in a variety of colors including yellow, tan, brown, blue, green, purple, clear glass, white, and burgundy both in pastel and bold shades and yes we have panels in turquoise. You can also choose from a wide variety of shapes including crosses, rectangles, circles and others, as well as, different sizes.

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