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How To Update Your Living Room on a Budget

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No matter how long we have lived in our home, we all arrive at a time where we want to do some upgrades and make a few changes to the overall look of the place, specifically the living room.

Unfortunately, this can sometimes cost an arm and a leg to do exactly what we want with the room, making it a little easier said than done.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can take your living to the next level with some simple upgrades without breaking the bank.

Fresh Change of Color

One of the best ways to update a room and bring new life to it is with a total color change.

Whether you repaint the walls, add in some new throw pillows and blankets, or simply add an exciting area rug in the middle of the room, introducing a new color to your living room is a great and affordable way to give your room a quality facelift.

Even if you paint three walls a more neutral color and leave one as an accent wall with a brighter and more exciting color, you can instantly open up the space and bring a fresh new look to it.

Lighting Fixtures

One of the best ways to create an entirely new feel to your living room is with the introduction of light.

Whether you are able to get more natural light into a space or have to utilize more artificial options, extra light is a great way to really open up a room and give it a great new look.

If you really want to add some character and flair to the room, instead of using classic floor or table lamps, investing in a trendy hanging light is a great way to add both a unique design element as well as a functional piece.


Another outstanding way to add a new look to a room is with the use of multiple different patterns throughout the space.

Whether it is a colorful and exciting area rug, or mixing and matching different patterns with your throw pillows on your sofa or lounge chairs, there are a wide variety of ways you can introduce patterns into your room and you can find simple pieces like these at thrift shops or consignment stores.

Searching for yard sales and estate sales are other great routes to find these kinds of pieces for your living room.

Wall Art

One of the most overlooked ways you can upgrade a room without breaking the bank is the with the use of wall art.

Whether you are using your own photos you have taken or having a canvas painting handed down by your family, these are great pieces to take up space and add some character to the area.

Be sure to check out places like thrift shops and estate sales as well to score some great deals on pieces like these.

What are your favorite ways to upgrade your room on a budget? Be sure to let us know in the comments.