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Accent or Desk Lamps

Most of the accent lamps we offer are in the shape of a butterfly and provide a splash of color to the space that they accent. The most popular place to put these lamps is on the desk in the study or at the office as they provide dim light and can reduce eye strain when used without the main lighting source. Many people prefer this type of light to use when completing paperwork or working at their computer.

There are other places that these accent lamps can be placed. On the coffee table in the living room or family room is another popular spot. They provide a wonderful accent to the room and a great conversation starter. The bedroom is another location for these lamps as they brighten up a dresser or nightstand. Still another place is on a table in the entryway or hallway.

We also have accent light that are part of a sculptured piece of art. One of these is a parrot perched on a branch with colorful copper-foiled stained glass pieces placed to resemble feathers. Another is a little fairy visiting from fairyland. These pieces make wonderful conversation pieces and can be places on mantels, shelves, coffee table or anywhere else than needs some additional decoration.

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