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How To Create a Modern Kitchen

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Kitchen design is one of the most talked about trends in home decor and interior design today.

Getting the best combination of both function and style can be difficult when you know you don't want to sacrifice on either front.

One of the most popular trends in the world of decor today has been the modern design. With its crisp edges and beautifully contrasting colors, this is one of the best looking themes around.

Luckily, the open look provides you with plenty of space as well. If you are looking to take your kitchen this direction, here are a few basics for you to follow.


Modern is typically defined with a balanced contrast of light and darker colors throughout and the kitchen is no exception.

If you utilize dark cabinets an a dark floor, consider going for a lighter backsplash and wall colors to create the evened out look that modern kitchens are known for.

If you go for the all white look, the colors of your appliances and countertops can successfully bring this look together.

Stainless Steel

One of the biggest features in any modern kitchen is the use of stainless steel. From the fixtures to modern bar stools and tools throughout the space, stainless steel is one of the best ways to create a wonderful modern look.

While the kitchen, sink, oven, and dishwasher are usually the go to spots for stainless steel, this material doesn't have to be limited to these fixtures.

Another great place to introduce this shiny metal is on your countertop. Helping to create a seamless and fluid look throughout the kitchen, this durable and high quality surface is sure to wow your guests and provide you with an outstanding, functional design.

Flat Cabinets

One of the best and most subtle ways to create the modern kitchen effect is with the design of your cabinetry and drawers.

Gone are the fancy, slim, and sleek knobs on each and every door in the kitchen. if you really want to pull off the modern look now, the flat panel, frameless front will help to create this beautiful effect.

As far as the drawer and cabinet knobs are concerned, these pull out spots can now be built into the underside panel of the piece itself to finish the seamless look throughout the kitchen.


One of the best ways to help pull off the modern kitchen design is with an island. Whether it is big or small, this is an essential piece to successfully making this design work for your space.

Additional features to this design can include a beautiful waterfall countertop which can be pulled off beautifully with the use of granite or marble.

As far as function is concerned with your island, you can take it up a notch with the introduction of integrated appliances. With pull out microwaves, mini fridges, and more being built into spots resembling classic drawers, you can create more space for yourself while adding a fun and exciting touch.