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Top 3 Rooms to Use Bold Colors


Bold colors are all the rage these days, but they are especially great in specific rooms. We went to the net to find out what designers were saying and found their top three favorite rooms to use bold colors when decorating. This doesn’t mean you can’t use bold colors in other rooms just as successfully, but these rooms are the ones many designers are focusing on when it comes to the use of bold colors in their decorating schemes. Rooms that formerly were only thought to be properly designed if they came in all white or neutral colors, these spaces are ripe for bringing a bit of color and pizazz to. Your individual taste and preference is the design theme of today and making every room in your home uniquely your own is now the new trend.

#1: Kitchen

In this article by Irwin Arieff for thisoldhouse.com, we get the full low down on how one couple turned their kitchen from a quiet and somewhat boring room into a bold and beautiful kitchen that invites you inside for a cup of coffee. Using a spectacular red vintage oven and vent hood as an anchor, the designer colorist Kathleen Jewell came up with a color palette that made every little element pop and come alive. By using this palette, she managed to create a space that took advantage of the available light. The design uses colors you might not typically consider putting together, but in this case they work perfectly. See all the gorgeous photographs and get all the design details by  reading the full article here.

#2: Bathroom

To all those folks who think bathrooms can only really be cool if they come in white, you need to read this article by Jennifer Ott for houzz.com. In the article, Jennifer shows us how to use two bold colors and a neutral base to change your bathroom from ho hum to fabulous. With fabulous photographs and detailed descriptions, the author shows exactly how to turn your bathroom into a sanctuary. She also provides color palettes for each example, making it easy to determine which selection would be right for your home. Read the full article here to get all the wonderful ideas.

#3: Living Room

Change your living room from a place that looks like it just sits there collecting dust, into a room your family can live and play in with suggestions by Mike in this article posted on digsdigs.com. While neutral tones are fine, today’s trend is all about creating spaces that make you and your family happy. Keeping your living room strictly neutral may make your home easier to sell, but you’re living in it now, so why not add some color and make your living room the place everyone wants to get together and hang out. Your home should make you and your family happy. It should be a place to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Keeping everything neutral can also make a room feel sterile and like you can’t really relax there. So add some color and life to your living room and get all the great ideas on just how to do that by  reading the full article here. 

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