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Tiffany Lamps Mosics of Light

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There is a magic that is created when mosaics are pieced together. The many small separate pieces of glass come together to form an intricate whole that is easily observed but the parts are often hard to see. Mosaics have been made for millennium to form Roman floors and Byzantium artwork found in churches.

However, it was not until the Later Middle Ages when mosaics of translucent stained glassed were pieced together to form stained glass windows that brought in natural light from the outside and filtered it through colored glass to create a wonderful ambiance. When the great Gothic cathedrals drew structural support from outside buttresses the walls could be opened to form windows without compromising the structure the result was the addition of colorful stained glass windows.

The crafting the stained glass windows continued down through the centuries by many artisans including Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848-1933) who used the left over stained glass pieces to make lamps. Stained glass lamps were not considered to be as artistic as stained glass windows but over time the lamps gained popularity as they filtered artificial light through stained glass to illumine the home in the evening just as stained glass windows illumine the natural light that passes through them during the daytime.

Here at www.TiffanyLampsShop.com we sell stained glass window panels that can be hung in front of a regular window to offer that same warm glow of natural light passing through stained glass without the effort and expense of installing a stained glass window.

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