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Why do Tiffany Lamps Remain Popular

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Why do Tiffany Lamps Remain Popular

Tiffany lamps remain as popular today as they were during the lifetime of Louis Comfort Tiffany who lived from 1848 to 1933 and perfected the copper foil method of making stained glass lamps which we discussing in our last blog post. People continue to buy Tiffany lamps as expensive antiques today. They also buy many Tiffany-style lamps many of which are reproductions of original Tiffany lamps.

Why do these lamps remain popular today?

They remain popular because they continue to offer timeless style over passing fashion. A particular lamp may have been made in fashion that is less popular today like Mission or Victorian but the form and function of the lamp retain a style that is timeless. Shade designs are often inspired by nature trees, flowers, and vines, water plants like lotus and insects like dragonflies that are just as relevant to contemporary design while shades with more geometric patterns are compatible with modern design.

The vibrant colors in a Tiffany-style lamp are the backbone of the style they continue to provide. This collage of color can be used to provide a focal point for a room, but when the light is turned on, these colors are illuminated and create a warm glow that simply cannot be created in any other way.

Whether used for lighting a room or accent lighting Tiffany lamps create that extra ambiance to any d├ęcor.

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