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Wallpaper is Back and Better Than Ever


When we heard that wallpaper was making a comeback, we had to see exactly what that meant. We went to the net and found some great info on the new ways to use wallpaper and the new wall paper designs that are coming onto the market. Check out this fun new trend in the articles below.

Stuff of Life: What’s Hot in 2015 Home Décor? Wallpaper, Spa Baths and Cultural Mixes

According to leading interior designers, wallpaper is coming back and writer Cynthia Billhartz Gregorian for kansascity.com brings us all the details. Though many of us will cringe at such a revelation, apparently, the wallpapers of today are not the ones your grandmother would have loved. They are bolder, more graphic and added more for flavor than as a main dish of wall covering. Cynthia also gives us a heads up on several other design elements that are making a comeback and some that are making their first appearance. Get all the great info by reading the full article here.

Trends: How to Decorate With All-Over Wallpaper

In this article by Lara Sargent for houzz.com, she explains that it’s time to let loose the dogs of war and go hog wild with your wallpaper. Where the last few years have seen wallpaper as only being used for accents and dramatic features, today’s designers are diving into the wallpaper pool full force covering entire rooms. While you may be having nightmarish images of your grandmother’s home, fear not because while you still have those fabulous floral styles your grandma loved, you also have access to marvelously modern prints and designs that actually look more like textured paint than wallpaper. Check out all the possibilities by reading the full article here.

10 Ways Wallpaper Became Cool Again

If you’re looking to update your digs with some of the latest wallpaper trends, but worry that you may throw your home into a retro tail spin, then check out this great article on Purewow.com to get some fabulously fun ideas to make your wallpaper designs come out just right. With new prints available and the trend toward large mural type wallpapers, the design statements you can make are literally limitless. You can create a large statement wall with a giant landscape, or single flower. If that’s not your speed, then you can try using a new variation on a more traditional wallpaper and cover all the walls in your room. The new way to use wallpaper can range from an accent wall to a floor to ceiling coverage and still fit right in with today’s new design trends. Check out all the great ideas by reading the full article here.

Home London Preview: New Mini Moderns Hinterland Wallpaper Designs

In this article by Homeartyhome.com they bring us the new modern versions of some fabulous retro styled wallpaper coming onto the market. The new designs in the Hinterland series by Mini Modern are taking the market by storm as their retro designs bring back a nostalgic feeling of the sixties. With broad graphic prints and for the less bold design lovers, the smaller more subtle prints, there’s something for everyone with the fabulous new offerings. See all the latest options by reading the full article here.

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