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Top 5 Uses for the Attic


If you've got a potentially great attic space but aren't quite sure what to do with it, then you’re going to love the following articles. We went hunting for the best uses of attic space and found some really great ideas. Make this year the year you turn that awesome space into the room you've always dreamed of having.

#1: Office

In this article by Laura Regensdorf, for elledecor.com, she gives us a lot of ways to use our untapped attic space but we especially love her ideas on turning it into your own home office. With a bit of paint and of course some insulation, you can turn that dark space into a quiet and functional office with very little work. Taking advantage of peaked ceilings and gorgeous attic windows can make your home office your favorite room in the house. Get all the great ideas by reading the full article here.

#2: Walk-in Closet

If your home is lacking a great walk-in closet, then you might consider the ideas listed in this article by TOH Readers for thisoldhouse.com on how they created an awesome walk-in with their attic space. By adding a window, some electricity, knee walls and built-shelves, plus a few other creature comforts, they created a fabulous walk-in that can double as a dressing room and storage space for all kinds of things. Check out all the details and get your next attic project started by reading the full article here.

#3: Movie Theater

Does your family love to watch movies together? If so, imagine how great it would be to have your own home theater space. In this article on paulakathlyn.com we are taken on a tour of the fabulous Coastal Living Ultimate Beach House that features an amazing home theater in their attic space. With incredible photographs to get your creative juices flowing, you’ll be on your way to creating an amazing home theater in your own attic space. Get all the details and information by reading the full article here.

#4: Play Room

In this article by ANKI for zilverblauw.nl, we get the full low down on how to create an amazing play room in your unused attic space. With awesome photographs and detailed explanations, this article gives you a huge jump on ideas for making your kids’ playroom a creative and fun place to explore their childhood dreams. Adding skylights to make use of available light and colorful rugs and fabric to inspire forts and role playing games, make for a room that you’ll be hard pressed to get your children out of. Get all the details and tips by reading the full article here.

#5: Bedroom

Have you been wondering how you’re going to add that elusive next bedroom to your home without spending a small fortune? If so, then you’ll love this article by dailydreamdecor.com on how to turn your unused attic space into the bedroom of your dreams. While there may be some needed construction, and wiring to be done, the attic is already part of your home so there’s no tearing down exterior walls for a room addition. Instead you can make a formerly unused space, functional and beautiful, adding both an extra room and value to your home. Check out all the fabulous photographs and get your new dream bedroom ideas by reading the full article here.

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