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Top 5 Tiffany-Style Fireplace Screens


If you want to add some real style to your fireplace, then you simply must check out our top five picks of fireplace screens. These beautiful stained glass fireplace screens will add charm, style and a focal point to any room.

#1: Bricks of Gold Fireplace Screen

Not only gorgeous, but also handy because it folds up so it can easily be stored when it’s not being used, this stunning stained glass fireplace screen can easily be found at Tiffanylampsshop.com. This beautiful piece features fabulous stained glass designs that are both traditional and nostalgic. The combination of gold, blues and reds will go wonderfully in any room. Classically and simply designed, this gorgeous fireplace screen will look fabulous in your room and become the focal point. Check out this lovey fireplace screen here.

#2: Turquoise Brick Fireplace Screen

Traditional elegance with classic style, this fabulous stained glass fireplace screen found on Tiffanylampsshop.com will add beauty and nostalgia to any room. A mixture of beautiful blue bricks and a highly detailed floral element, as well as the smoothly curving top make this amazing fireplace screen a gorgeous addition to your home. Add lovely colors and incredible style to your room by the addition of this incredible piece that can be found here.

#3: Peacock Feather Fireplace Screen

This gorgeous peacock feather stained glass fireplace screen will be an amazing addition to your room. If you’re looking for a focal point to add color and dimension to your room, and will serve a purpose, then you’ll want to consider this lovely fireplace screen that can be found at Tiffanylampsshop.com. The stunning blues, purples and pinks are accented by lovely neutral tones and bright greens to make this fireplace screen not just something that’s functional, but also a work of art. If you think this may be right for you, then you can find it right here.

#4: Garbo Fireplace Screen

Graceful elegance with a Victorian flair, this amazing Garbo fireplace screen will bring back the old world style of traditional classic design that will add an element of class to your room. You can find this amazing piece at Tiffanylampsshop.com and you’ll be amazed at the detail and workmanship this piece can boast. Lovely hues of gold, brown and tan are livened up by the reds and whites in the stylized fleur de lies elements at the top of this amazing fireplace screen. Take your room to a whole new level of elegance when you find this stunning piece here.

#5: Eden Folding Fireplace Screen

Not only a gorgeous piece of ethereal artwork, but also a tough and functional fireplace screen, this amazing stained glass screen can be found at Tiffanylampsshop.com. The beauty is in the details on this piece with so many elements to look at that sitting by your fireplace will take on a whole new level of relaxation. The gorgeous scene and lovely shape built into this stunning fireplace screen will be the element you build the rest of your room around. Find the wonderful fireplace screen right here.

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