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Top 5 Stained Glass Window Panels


With the sun out, windows are a huge function and design element in any home. Good windows can open up a room in huge ways and make it feel much bigger than it is. Windows are also a great way to use some unique design elements to really make your space stand out. If you are looking to put a unique spin on your room, take a look at our top five stained glass window panels.

Round Roses 1

This outstanding piece measures 20" x 32" in a rectangular shape, combining great use of colors like red, green, orange, and blue. Put together with over 590 individual pieces of glass, this beautiful Victorian designed stain glass window feature will be a point of conversation and highlight for any room you decide to use it in.

Baroque Window Panel

If you are wanting a rounded stained glass window panel, look no further than this fantastic 241" round piece designed in a Baroque style. A beautiful combination of yellows, reds, and more, the outstanding piece features a detailed flower design as the center piece, this piece is comprised of 524 pieces of glass to complete the masterpiece.

Webster Victorian Window Panel

This outstanding oval shaped window panel is a simply stunning work of art. A beautiful yellow center with turquoise accents stands out from the rich blue border surrounding it, producing one of the best looking features when the sun hits it. This Victorian style window panel is fitted with a metal frame to make it easy to hang on a window and create a durable finish.

Peacock Feather Window Panel

One of the most iconic birds in the animal kingdom, the peacock is one of the most versatile and unique animals out there. Now, you can embody the bright colored tail of the peacock in this incredible Peacock Feather Window Panel. This piece measures 35' x 18" and is ideal for a long window to add some great looking character to a room. 

Olea Fruits of Life Window Panel

Measuring 20" x 32", this wonderful piece is also available in a smaller size of 18" x 25" to meet your window needs. A beautiful tree highlights the center of this window panel as the tree of life in the Garden of Eden. 

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