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Top 5 Pendent Tiffany Lamps


There’s nothing quite as elegant and lovely as a gorgeous hanging Tiffany stained glass lamp. The multicolored shades not only are beautiful in themselves, but they also throw gorgeous color around the room and provide atmosphere that you just can’t get from an ordinary pendant lamp. Because we know how much a fabulous Tiffany pendant lamp can bring to your decor, we wanted to find out top five favorites and bring them to your attention in order to provide you some great creative inspiration. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

#1: Lydia Victorian Ceiling Pendant Fixture

This lovely Victorian style lamp is enlivened with gorgeous blue, purple, lavender and cranberry colors to create a stunning array of bouncing light whenever it’s turned on. The eye catching fan design harkens back to days gone by for a very nostalgic feel. No matter which room of the house you hang this amazing lamp, you’ll be adding a classically traditional look that will compliment your décor and create a beautiful atmosphere. You’ll see so many elements in this lovely lamp, including dragonflies and wonderful cabochons that you will find yourself looking at it all the time and still finding new things to enjoy. Get all the details about this  stunning lamp here.

#2: Rosabella Victorian Ceiling Pendant Fixture

Classically elegant, this wonderful lamp is designed in the Victorian style and is a perfect way to bring some eclectic flair in your neutral toned room. With just enough color and vibrancy to enhance a room that trends toward a neutral color pallet, this stunning lamp has class and style and will become the focal point of the room. The gorgeous design and fabulous cabochons and stained glass artwork, make this amazing lamp the first thing people will notice and the feature that will stand out. You can find all the whole detailed description for this lamp here.

#3: Liaison Victorian Inverted Ceiling Pendant Fixture

When you want your lighting to make a statement, then you really want to consider this amazing Victorian inspired pendant lamp. The gorgeous blue and lavender colors of the stained glass petal design are accented with lovely cabochons. The inverted style throws a nice white light on the ceiling to be softly reflected and then passed back through the shade to reflect multi colored light throughout the room. Using up to date technology and combining it with traditionally classic Tiffany styling, this awesome pendant lamp will be a gorgeous focal point in any room. Get all the details for this lamp here.

#4: Belle Ceiling Pendant

Understated elegance and traditional styling make this amazing pendant lamp a beautiful addition to any room. Classically styled with gorgeous off white color and subdued designs, this magnificent lamp can either be made the focal point of any room, or be used as part of an overall décor theme. You can get all the detailed information on this l ovely piece here.

#5: Old Lace Victorian Ceiling Pendant Fixture

Does your room cry out for an old style splash of Victorian panache? If so, then you’re going to love this gorgeous pendant lamp that features a stunning stained glass globe to throw beautiful color around your room every time you turn it on. The nostalgic look and incredible workmanship will make this lovely lamp a focal point in any room. Get all the details for this traditionally  elegant piece here.

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