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Top 3 Ways to Use Bamboo in Your Home


Using bamboo in home remodeling has become very popular today. A known darling for being so ecofriendly and easily renewable, bamboo is being integrated in many areas of home building. There are a lot of things to know though before you choose bamboo as an option for your next remodel project, so we went to the net to find some information on this amazing plant and its uses and found our top three favorite ways to use bamboo in the home.

#1: Flooring

Flooring is probably the most popular choice for the use of bamboo, but as writer Christine Chang Hanway found out, there are a lot of things to consider before going down this path and she gives us all the great information she found out in this article posted on remodelista.com. If you’re thinking of changing out your flooring to bamboo, then you definitely want to read this article first. Christine has done a lot of research and gives you valuable information on the various types of bamboo flooring, the pros and cons of each and the practical applications in each case. By  reading the full article here, you’ll be able to determine which type of bamboo flooring will work best in your home and get the benefit of her experience and research.

#2: Countertops

A relatively new development in the uses for bamboo has been countertops. In this article posted on Home-style-choices.com, you’re going to get the full Monty on the ins and outs of choosing bamboo countertops. While bamboo is very durable, it is in many ways just like having any other kind of wood countertop, so the precautions you’d take with those you also have to take with bamboo. In addition, bamboo countertops are not a solid wood type of surface. Bamboo is actually a type of grass and so any bamboo counter top you get has been constructed in a way that’s similar to plywood, which means the elements that make it up have been glued together. This is important on several levels, not the least of which is the care you will need to take with your countertop when it comes to water and heat. You wouldn’t want to put a very hot pan or pot on your bamboo countertop because you could leave a burn that will not come out. That said, every surface you will be deciding between will have its own unique areas where you have to be careful, so this shouldn’t be a deal breaker. You’ll want to  read the full article here to get the full list of pros, cons and things to consider before making the choice to go with bamboo countertops.

#3: Plants

Of course an obvious use of bamboo in your home is simply as a beautiful indoor houseplant. In this article posted on Bambooplantscare.blogspot.com, you get a little bit of history on the bamboo plant as well as its meanings in Chinese culture. In addition, you’ll get tips on how to care for your bamboo plant and harvest and create new bamboo plants. With just a few cuttings from one bamboo plant, you can add beautiful greenery to your whole home.  Read the full article here for all the details. 

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