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Top 3 Tiffany Lamps for a Girl's Room


Is your little girl growing up? Does she need a revamp of her bedroom to reflect her advancement into the next age bracket? Does her little girly girl heart long for a bit of princess style? If you’re in the process of updating your little girl’s room and want to create a sense of whimsy and fantasy, then you’re going to love these amazing lamps we’ve found that will turn her room into a wonderland of light and imagination. When she sees her new room and especially any of these amazing Tiffany style lamps, she’s going to feel like a princess and her heart is going to melt.

#1: Fairy Accent Lamp

If your daughter is into fairies and princesses and other very girly girl things, then she’s going to love this Fairy Accent Lamp. It definitely will speak to her magical side as she gazes at the copper foiled, stained glass wings and beautiful resin fairy those wings are attached to. The gorgeous wing colors include greens, yellow, rose, blue and white and will go with any of your main color themes in the room. Add some whimsy, magic and beauty to your little girls’ room by adding this fabulous lamp.

#2: Well-Traveled Butterfly Desk Lamp

Are you creating a butterfly or natural theme in your daughters’ room? Maybe you’re going for a rainbow or unicorn magical look? Either way, you’re going to love this amazing well-traveled butterfly desk lamp. This gorgeous lamp features a stained glass butterfly with wings that are copper foiled and have a myriad of colors including yellow, red, green, light purple, purple and tan. This beautiful butterfly sits on a stunning resin rose to give the appearance of it just having landed there. Your daughter will be thrilled with this incredibly beautiful lamp as it sprays lovely color all over her room. Celebrate your daughter’s girly side and add this eye catching lamp to her room décor.

#3: Wisteria Table Lamp

If your daughter is growing up and it’s time to update her room, you’re probably looking for some fabulous touches that will be elegant and still speak to her girly side. When you’re trying to add a touch of class, nostalgia and a bit of tradition to her room, you should consider this gorgeous wisteria table lamp. Lighting can make all the difference when you’re setting a theme or trying to create a mood or emotional feel to a room and this lamp will bring that room to a whole different place. Just because our girls are growing up, doesn’t mean they no longer like pretty girly things, but they may want something that feels a little more adult and this awesome lamp is the perfect element to help you create that updated look. With the beautiful light purple hue of the stained glass and the stylish antique looking stand, your daughter will know that this lamp is not made for a little girl, but for a young woman.

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