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Top 3 Gifts to Bring to Any Dinner Party


For those of you who love tradition and the value of showing respect for the effort others put in to cooking a meal or planning a gathering, here are a few articles to give you some ideas for showing up with the right gift to express your gratitude for their hard work. These seemingly small gestures are wonderful ways you can spread love, respect and warmth to your family and friends all year round.

#1 Gourmet Coffee

Guest poster Raymond, on the Art of Manliness page, gives us some great tips to think about when considering a proper gift to bring when attending a dinner party or perhaps a weekend with friends. It’s never ok to show up empty handed when your host has put so much time and energy into preparing a wonderful meal and perhaps planning entertainment and the like. That said, if there are others who will be coming to dinner, you can rest assured at least one of them will be bringing wine or flowers, as those are traditional gifts. Raymond tells us to be thoughtful about our gifts and consider other options such as a wonderful gourmet coffee. He recommends a whole bean option, though you may want to verify that your host has a grinder available. Such a gift can be used that night after dinner, or whenever the host may choose making it very versatile. Read the full article here.

#2 A Quality Bottle of Wine

Pankaj Sharma brings us this wonderful article on great gift ideas to bring to your next dinner party. We love number four on her list, which is to bring a really good bottle of wine. A very traditional dinner party gift, a bottle of high quality wine shows class and really lets your host know that you value their time and want to say thank you with a gift that represents your gratitude. It’s important that you choose a good wine that mixes well with your expected meal. By taking your time and really putting some thought into it, you show respect for your host and the other guests at the dinner party. Read the full article here.e.

#3 What’s the Best Gift a Dinner Guest Can Bring?

This question has plagued many a dinner guest over the centuries, but in this article, Lindsay –Jean Hard gives us some fabulous ideas from the traditional, to the unexpected. Our favorite was the idea of bringing breakfast for the next day. When you imagine that your host has been slaving all day and then being a host all evening, what a thoughtful idea to make breakfast the next morning something they only have to heat and enjoy. Hard mentioned a delicious cheesy egg dish, some muffins, fresh butter and jam, all of which only takes a bit of warming before your host can enjoy it. What a thoughtful gift that will have your host remembering not only your sparkling dinner repartee, but also your kindness and generosity. Read the full article here.

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