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Top 3 Decorative Painting Techniques

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No matter what room you are in, the walls are one of the most important features about creating the right tone and atmosphere. From color, texture, designs, and more, there are many different elements that factor into creating the perfect room with the right wall colors. If you really want to get creative with a room, paint is a great way to create a different feel. If you are looking to think more outside the box with your walls, here are some great ideas to try out.

#1 Colorwashing

A great way to add some excitement and change to a room with a paint style is through colorwashing. In this helpful article from HGTV, the author gives the reader several different tips and tricks to creating the perfect colorwashing effect on your walls. From learning how to manipulate paint to create a different textures and look, to combining different tones, this is a great painting technique for anyone to try. You can learn more about this method here.

#2 Linen Weave

In this method from Valspar Paint, different brushes and paint thicknesses combine to create one of the coolest looking effects on a wall you will find with paint. From the way you brush the paint on the wall, to the pressure you apply with the final brush strokes, this is a great way to get a classy look that is unique to anything you may have seen. Learn more about this awesome technique here.

#3 Faux Leather

Leather is a high quality material that is found in many of our clothes and shoes today, but have you ever considered it for your walls? In this article from the DIY network, the authors show you how with a little manipulation and the right paint, you can create a faux leather look to your walls. From paint mixing to the use of rubber bands, there are several elements that combine to create this awesome effect. To learn more about creating faux leather look, you can check out the full article here.