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How to Get More Storage for Your Living Room

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Storage space. No matter the size of your home, you are always looking to get more of it.

Unfortunately, you probably have too much stuff and items you probably don't know what to do with to be able to find enough room to store it all. The living room is always a popular collection spot for anything and everything imaginable, so optimizing this space is key for being organized and efficient.

If you are trying to get more storage space in your living room, here are a few tips and tricks to utilizing it to the best of its ability.

Versatile furniture

Using versatile pieces of furniture that can serve more than one purpose in a space is one of the best ways you can organize and work more space into your living room. If your furniture can double as storage space, you can easily solve a lot of your problem without having to sacrifice at all on aesthetics or overall design. Did you know your couch can be used as a storage piece? Many ottomans and even couch cushions today feature a hidden compartment below the surface, making them perfect for holding more of your possessions and decluttering your room.

A two tiered coffee table is one of the best and most natural ways to accomplish this task. While the top of the table can serve the traditional purpose of holding your mugs, plates, books and other knick knacks, the bottom shelf can store so many other things. From extra throw pillows and blankets, to your remote collection, the possibilities are endless. Consider investing in some baskets to place in this area to store magazines, vinyl records, or whatever else you may have lying around in your living room.


In every room in your home, shelves are by far one of the best ways to create more storage space without having to take up too much room in the area. Floating shelves are becoming one of the most popular features in kitchen storage, and they can work perfectly as well in your living room. Adding these it are ideal for holding both books and magazines, as well as decorative accessories such as plants and picture frames.


Floating shelves don't have to be the only shelf option in your living room. Built-ins are one of the best looking ways to create more storage out of any size room. These pieces fit right in as a core structure of your home, and can provide you with an amazing amount of space away from the usual gathering area. Whether it takes up an entire wall to accommodate your home theatre system and some decorations, or is just located in the corner to house your extensive book collection, built-ins are one of the most useful ways to hold more of your items and making the gathering area feel less cramped.