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How to Decorate with Neutrals


These days it seems like there are a million different interior design themes that the selection can be a bit overwhelming. To be trendy, many suggestions say you need to step out of the box with wild colors and bold statements. You can however, stand out just fine with a classy balance of neutral colors in a variety of different schemes. From the color and pattern of your furniture, drapes and blinds, to what kind of accessory lamps and tables you have, there are a wide variety of features to take into account. If you are trying to create a trendy room with just neutral colors, here are some helpful tips and tricks to pull it off.

When designing a space strictly on neutral colors, the biggest factor to take into account is the proper use of contrast. Selecting a paint color for your walls shouldn't be a terribly difficult task, as you should most likely be sticking to some sort of shade of grey, beige, ivory, or taupe. Make sure none of the paint colors will perfectly match the furniture or accessories you plan on putting into the room, as it can cause things to blend into the walls.

Temperature will also play a big factor when you are putting together a room of neutrals, as different colors will create a warming mood, while others will create a bit of a cold vibe. If you are wanting to focus on creating a warm space with neutral colors, the choices you will want to focus on are beige, cream, or other lighter tan shades. For a cooling effect however, opting for different shades of greys, blues, and whites will create more of a modern feel in the room.

Properly contrasting the room in your different elements is arguably the best way you can create a fashionable space with different neutral tones. A darker wall paired up with a lighter couch and a darker coffee table is a great way to use neutrals, but keep the room properly balanced throughout the entire space. Selecting the right materials when you are designing your space is another important factor. If you are feeling lost on what to choose, you can never go wrong with natural wood pieces will bring a warming effect to the room and match up perfectly with any neutral color scheme.

Have you designed a room implementing a balance of neutral colors? What worked and what was a struggle? Be sure to let us know about it in the comments!

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