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How To Create a Modern Bachelor Pad


The bachelor pad typically brings to mind images of laundry strewn throughout the space, dishes piled up in the kitchen and living room, and a refrigerator that hasn't been cleaned out since Clinton was president. In the 21st century however, the modern bachelor pad is an ideal combination of masculinity, top of the line style and design, while still keeping a rugged feel. From paint colors, to flooring, fixture colors, and furniture, all of these elements need to come together in order to create the ideal bachelor pad. If you are looking to create the perfect space, be sure to follow some of these helpful tips and tricks.

One of the key elements of creating the perfect space is by making sure you keep it comfortable. Having a quality set up of comfortable furniture is key, from couches, chairs, and coffee tables, this all helps complete the ideal space. While luxury and elegance should be a high priority, be sure you aren't sacrificing your personal touch for the sake of style. A sectional can be one of the most versatile and convenient pieces of furniture you can own as it can easily accommodate multiple people on it, while double as a place for friends to crash if they stay overnight. While you are reclining in your easy chair and your comfy sofa, it is essential that you have a quality entertainment system set up. One of the first things you should invest in is a quality tv, followed by some surround sound to complete the home theater system.

When you have the furniture element taken care of, it is important to focus on the design elements throughout other rooms. Flooring is an excellent place to start when you are creating the right atmosphere and environment for your pad. Hardwood is your best friend in this area if you opt for a darker wood or a more natural finish that isn't glossy. Opting for darker wall colors such as greys, blues, and even black is another way to bring together a rugged space without putting off an uncomfortable vibe. If you match everything with darker fixtures and cabinets and drawers throughout the kitchen and other spaces throughout the place, you will easily complete one of the best looking bachelor pads around.

For the bachelor looking for the perfect space, combining all these elements together in the right way will give you a space that anyone would be envious of. 

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