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How to Create a Gallery Wall


Whatever will you do with that ubiquitous wall space? Decorating and redecorating are fun to imagine, but much tougher to conquer. While DIY is all the rage, I don’t suppose you want to take a hammer to that wall, however, it could use some sprucing up. Perhaps a coat of paint won’t do the job completely, but if you create a gallery wall, you could conquer both style and purpose.

Looking for inspiration? Tell a story. Where are all of the pictures from your honeymoon trip, or from that retreat you can’t ever say enough about? Put them up and not ever again can you be accused of bringing up that special moment. I am certain after your guest views your wall, they will start on the topic for you, yielding you a stage to oblige the awesome back-stories.

The really unique thing about a gallery wall is that you don’t have to use a personal picture, but you can use any pictures. I prefer a collage of meaningful art pieces that include bold punches of color, in a methodical way from a healthy mix of artists on varying levels. I have not achieved my gallery to perfection, but then that in itself keeps the piece alive and in fashion. It’s certainly not a boring piece.

Wall galleries are not solely for museums but indeed can be found anywhere there is an interesting story to tell. National art museums use the space of their walls to display the life scenes of Braque, Leger, and Picasso. It’s high time you put your work in the running. Create purpose in the space and if nothing else, because the blank wall is asking for it.

So how do you do it? That’s a great question, and while it’s not rocket science, you will need a few things right off the back: an open mind, a lot of pictures, picture frames, hanging nails, a mallet or a hammer, a little patience and a good template.

You can find wall templates almost anywhere including online, at the arts and crafts store and especially at the place where you first found your gallery wall inspiration. Don’t be above flattering; if you like a thing, take a picture of it and find a way to modify it and incorporate it into your home. 

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