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How to Create a Cozy Cottage


For those with a budget that restricts them to a smaller home, the options becoming increasingly more narrow in terms of creativity and style. For home structure in smaller homes however, a cottage style home is an excellent choice for those in need of a smaller space. While these homes may be a bit smaller, they can be just as comfortable as any bigger home, and usually equate to easier living and awesome decoration options. There are many ways you can create the perfect cottage home with the ideal comfortable feel, and here are some of the best features for them.

Just because your space is limited, doesn't mean you have to sacrifice comfort or luxury to make it work. Cottage style homes have rooms that are both intimate, while giving off the feeling of immense space with the right elements. A great way to do this is by using warmer colors and materials in your rooms. By using warmer paint colored and a lighter stained wood, you can create a very comfortable feel to any room in the house, helping you not realize how small the space actually is.

Built in features throughout the house are another excellent way to capitalize on space and bring a unique touch to the room. Shelves tucked in to the walls serve a great storage purpose for many items, and don't take up any extra space in the room by sticking out. Having a home office is convenient for any home, no matter what your job is. For the smaller cottage house, a built in desk in a wall will provide you with the necessary function of the desk, while not occupying too much space in the center or one side of the room.

Another great way to warm up a cottage style house and put your own personal touch on it is through painted wood floors. Whether it is a patterned paint style on the floor, or maybe you extend the paint color of the floor halfway up the wall to unify them together, painting the wood in your home is an excellent way to warm it up. Do you have wood stairs inside? Painting those as well will help give the space some warmth and excitement.

If you have a smaller cottage space, using some of these tips and tricks can really open things up and give you a fresh perspective. From flooring, carpeting, and accessories, they all work together to create the best possible area for your needs.

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