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How to Arrange Your Furniture Like A Professional

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No matter what your overall theme is or what colors and patterns you are using, the arrangement of furniture is one of the most important aspects of successfully designing your home.

Whether it is the alignment of your couch and coffee table in the living room, the wall your bed is on in the master bedroom, or how centered the desk is in your office, there are a wide variety of elements that factor into quality interior design.

If you are designing a room in your home, we have a few tips and tricks to follow when it comes to proper arrangement to get the look you are going for.

Visualizing the Space

Before you get into the actual design of the space, one of the best things you can do is to set up the room and see the space how you want it before you actually start setting up the actual furniture and accessories.

If you are wanting to get very detailed with this process, there are several outstanding software programs that will allow you to put your room into the program and get a 3D view of the area. One of the best all around programs available on the market today is the Better Homes and Garden Arrange Your Room software. This interactive virtual software is very user-friendly and allows you to move furniture around with ease so you can get the full effect of what your space could potentially look like.

By using this kind of software, you can find the proper balance of where things should be placed in a room and can find the right blend of where larger and smaller items will go to work best in a space.

Finding the Right Balance

If you are wanting to design and arrange your room just like the professionals do, the biggest thing to focus on is balance. Properly setting up an area to where one side isn't too overloaded with furniture or accessories is one of the biggest points of emphasis for any designer. Try and distribute your furniture out as evenly as possibly so no corner feels untouched or left out of the design scheme.

Another important point for you to focus on when properly setting up your room is to make sure the entry way is not too crowded. Placing all of your larger and more important pieces away from the entry way will help the room feel much larger than it actually may be so you can get the most out of your space.

Finally, another great point to follow is to not consistently hug the walls with your furniture. While this may make the room feel a little more open at times, if you have the room to work with, consider placing the items a few feet from the wall to create a walkway behind your couch or sofa.

Follow a few of these simple tips and tricks and you will have a perfectly designed room just like any great interior designer.