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Foolproof Formula for Painting with Dark Colors


Paint colors are easily one of the biggest elements in any room. Each color and shade gives off a different feel and tone making your selection very important depending on what space you are working with. Darker and bolder colors are starting to make waves in the design world as they really bring a room together with furniture and accessory usage. Your blacks, browns, navys, and charcoals can be tough colors to work with but if utilized correctly, they can help create the best looking room in your home.

One of the biggest keys when using these darker colors on your walls is taking into account what room they are going to be used in. For an intimate and calm looking living room, a dark charcoal on the walls is ideal for creating this outstanding effect for you and your guests. Have a bachelor pad that needs a makeover? Consider a black or dark brown on the walls in the bedroom to create a great modern look. Match it with white linens and natural wood furniture and you will have a space that is sure to impress anyone.

Dark walls don't need to be used in the entire room. The darker color is ideal for an accent wall in any room you go for. Lighter colors on other walls combined with a single dark accent wall will really make the room pop and stand out in your home. Dark walls are also ideal in rooms that are highlighted by brighter colored features. A child's bedroom that features plenty of warm and potentially loud colors can easily be balanced and mellowed out with the right tone of dark brown or navy blue.

Many structural features such as window panes and bathroom fixtures tend to be white and can blend into a lighter colored wall. By introducing a dark color on the walls, these elements can really stand out and create a nice modern touch to the space. If you happen to have crown molding in a room, a darker wall such as a navy or deep brown can really accentuate these features and highlight them even more.

If texture is what you are going for in a room, dark walls are the perfect place to start out with. By using a darker paint such as charcoal or navy, you can add in different shades of that same color throughout the room to really bring out the beauty in the wall. Navy blue walls will contrast beautifully with a light colored couch that features various throw pillows and blankets in different shades of blue.

Dark colors can be used in a variety of different ways and can create very calming tones. Use some of these techniques and you can create beautiful and unique spaces in any room in your home.

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