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Eclectic Decor That You (And Your Guests) Will Love


Eclectic interiors are ideal for the homeowner who simply can't decide on one single decor theme for their space.

This trend is defined as the combination of several different design elements and doesn't really fall into a category of its own. The ironic thing is that by doing this, it does create a category for itself.

These rooms are also usually highlighted by the fact that they do not match, but rather mix different colors and pieces for a very unique and sometimes bizarre setup.


In any interior design, furniture is always one of the highlighted pieces in the room. Couches and sofas, coffee tables, side tables and more all combine to bring a room together.

Furniture in an eclectically designed living room may feature a wide array of different pieces that still work well together. From a modern couch, a rustic country coffee table, and perhaps a contemporary side table or ottoman can all blend well to create this space.

Color is still one of the biggest things to focus on with the furniture in an eclectic space though. While you can mix throughout the room, it is always a good idea to have a focal piece such as the couch, match the wall color to set the tone throughout the room.


Wall color can be a difficult thing to find a balance on with the rest of the room's out of the box trend. A good rule of thumb is to opt for a neutral or natural wall color such as a tan or grey, to really allow the rest of the room to pop and be very bold in its stature.

Having the furniture throughout the room match the wall colors on some sort of hue is another great feature to complete the look as you can still have the eclectic theme without a hassle.


No matter what room you are in, lighting is always one of the most important features for your space. For the eclectic look, you can really think outside the box with your lighting and get creative with your form and function.

Lamps are always great lighting features, and you can set your room apart from others in the eclectic world with unique and fashionable items such as Tiffany lamps. Other great lighting fixtures to introduce to an eclectic space include a vintage chandelier or even some traditional long stem candles for both function and design.

Additional Accessories

No room is complete without the proper accessories, and the same goes for an eclectic space. Some of the best ones to add to these rooms involve different sizes of throw pillows that are a different hue of the wall color, as well as throw blanket that fall under the same design category.

You also can't go wrong with some unique artwork on the walls or some blank picture frames to really think outside the box. All this and more and combine to create the perfect eclectic space that is still comfortable.

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