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Create a One-Of-A-Kind Rug With Carpet


Area rugs are all the rage lately in living rooms and family rooms as they are an excellent functional and aesthetic piece to your room. As a great base to set your furniture down on, they can protect hardwoods that run into the living room from the dining room or kitchen. It also serves as a very stylish piece as contrasting colors can really make it pop. Unfortunately, area rugs can cost a pretty penny and cost you an arm and a leg. Luckily, there are plenty of great alternatives for you to choose from, like making your own from extra carpet you can get at a furniture department store. If you are consider the do it yourself route with this method, here are a few tips and tricks to success.

When finding extra carpet to use, a department furniture store is a great way to find a large roll. While it can be a little pricey at times, it will give you plenty of material to work with so you can cut it down to size and even redo it if you make a mistake. When you have the roll, the first thing you should do is measure out the area you need to cover. Typically, these carpet pieces will not be cut very evenly, so you will have to measure out straight lines and do the cutting yourself to make sure it is to size and even all the way around.

For the best possible long term results, binding the edges of the carpet will be in your best interest for sustaining the quality of the carpet. With traditional glue or even better, craft glue, run a line of it along each edge of the bottom of the carpet without getting it on the topside material itself. Once you have done this, you can peel back part of your adhesive on the binding all along the edges so it is even all the way around. By peeling and then pressing it flush against the edges, the glue will hold it in place and give you a nice, clean finish.

Once this is flush and finished, you can cut off any extra binding. Seal the finished product with hot glue on the inside edge of the binding and press the sides together to complete the seal and keep the binding strong. Follow some of these simple tips and tricks and you will be on your way to a high quality area rug at a fraction of the price.

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