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A Step to Organizing 5 Rooms in Your Home


Photo Credit: Donnie Ray Jones

#1 13+ Secrets Personal Organizers Would Never Tell You for Free

Michelle Crouch shows us in slide #6 that paper is by far still the biggest problem most people have when they are trying to get organized. Most people just can’t make themselves get rid of their paper and it’s simply an ongoing task that we need to keep up with if we are to ever get completely organized. In spite of our goal to become paperless, this will be an ongoing battle that we will all need to fight if we are to get our lives and our homes uncluttered.  Read the full article here.

#2 5 Steps to a Permanently Cleaner Bedroom

The folks at Apartment Therapy have some great ideas in this article. You will really be able to relate to tip #5. How many of us have clothes and shoes in our closet that will never fit or come back into style again? They might be in fabulous shape, maybe they are even new, but when you try that piece of clothing on now, there’s something that just isn’t right about it. The truth is, because you don’t absolutely love it, you’ll never wear it and if you do, you’ll feel funky until you take it off and not in a good way. Their advice is to go through your closet and keep only what you absolutely love and give the rest away.  Read the full article here.

#3 January to-do List: De-clutter the kitchen

When you’re looking to get your home organized, take some great advice from Catrine Stewart and start with a room a month so you don’t get overwhelmed. She tells us that January is a great time to work on the kitchen and you’ll love her #1 tip of starting with your pantry. By taking everything off the shelves and cleaning them all well, then starting completely fresh by only putting back items that are things you want and that are still before their expiration date. She has a great idea of loading items back in based on their expiration date helping you to remember to use them before they go bad.  Read the full article here.

#4 DIY Magnetic Bathroom Rack

How many of us use and promptly misplace our bobby pins, nail clippers, nail scissors and other tiny metal objects that should really remain in the bathroom, but oddly never end up there? We all do! Fabulous blogger Brittany over at Darkroom and Dearly, came up with a great idea on how to make organizing all those little metal things, easy and inexpensive by using a magnetic knife holder. You’ll love how easy it is and she gives you detailed information and pictures so you can go home and get your bathroom organized. Read the full article here.

#5 Living Room Organization Ideas

The folks at Wayfair.com always have wonderful ideas to help us get organized and clutter free and this article is no exception. You’re especially going to flip over their first tip for getting your living room organized by creating zones. By looking at your living room and really evaluating what kind of activities you engage in there, you’ll be able to break up the space into kid friendly areas, and adult areas, maybe crafting areas or board game areas. Basically look at what you like to do best in your living room and then make a zone for it.  Read the full article here. 

Photo Credit: Alison Headly

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